Care and Usage

Our tips on how to take care of the FridayBOX will help to keep the box in good shape and let’s you have fun and make use of our foldable box for a long time.

Yes, please:

  • Clean: wipe your FridayBOX once in a while with a slightly wet cloth. The smooth surfaces of the sorting box can be cleaned easily as they have no grooves or ridges.
  • Oil for the wellbeing: Treat your box now and then with a bit of oil! Pour some linseed oil on a cloth and rub it on the wood of your foldable box and let it dry.
  • Dry slowly: If your FridayBOX got wet put it somehwere to dry as soon as possible but slowly. Not too near to the heater or another source of heat!

No, better not:

  • Constant humidity and wetness: A life in a wet cellar or having to stay outside in bad weather? That’s not what the FridayBOX likes. Don’t leave your box out in the rain!
  • Lengthy contact with fresh vegetables and fruits: apples, tomatoes and other agricultural products shouldn’t be stored in the FridayBOX in direct contact with the wood. Over time it is possible that they will leave traces in the oiled wood.
  • Direct contact with sensitive materials: delicate textiles, expensive carpets or important paperwork – these things should better keep a bit of a distance to the FridayBOX. Especially when freshly oiled the box might leave traces on those items.

Colourful colleagues of our robust foldable box

A lot of black and green boxes are left outside for weeks – whether rain or shine – and wait there to be loaded full of vegetables or herbs. A huge number of red boxes are handled and washed daily in industrial cleaning processes. Blue boxes transport all kinds of automotive parts through highly sophisticated storage and transport systems.

Many of the requirements to be met by these red, green and blue boxes don’t apply to wood as the basic material. When there is water and moisture involved the FridayBOX reaches it’s limits.

Like mentioned above your FridayBOX might start to show traces of your usage e.g. when storing fruits in it for too long. And not all of them can be wiped away or sanded.

When your FridayBOX is beyond help:

Your beloved foldable box befell a misfortune and you can’t restore it to the original status by sanding or oiling? Don’t worry, the single parts of the FridayBOX can be easily exchanged. Information on how to do so can be found here Repair, Tuning and Spare Parts.