FridayBOX – robust folding box made of wood!

Functional and pretty – and of course stackable!

Our new sturdy folding box made of wood is the innovative, elegant alternative and a sustainable statement for every transport. Throughout the week, and especially on Fridays, the FridayBOX assists you in transporting, organizing, and stacking your belongings.

foldable robust stackable wooden box - FridayBOX open and folded
foldable robust stackable wooden box - FridayBOX filled with shopping

Whether for your supermarket shopping or for storage at home, the foldable FridayBOX is practical and aesthetically pleasing, providing a helping hand in your daily life as a transportation assistant! A robust folding box as one would wish for: made from European wood, treated with natural linseed oil, repairable, and ethically produced in Germany. Available in two sizes.

foldable robust stackable wooden box - two small FridayBOXes on top of each other, topped with a lid
foldable sturdy wooden box - two FridayBOXes stacked

Yes, of course, the FridayBOX is stackable, and we also have lids!
With them the folding box can not only be closed but can also be turned into a stool or table. Practical not only when camping!

The foldable robust box made of wood

foldable robust stackable wooden box - two FridayBOXes open and folded together

How can wood be folded? Our system utilizes the flexibility of the wood, among other things, to turn flat plywood into a real folding box. Handling it is like riding a bike, only easier: once learned, it becomes second nature.

How the mechanism of our sturdy folding box works is quickly learned. Then, it runs smoothly on its own: CLICK – CLICK twice with both hands or even four times CLICK with just two fingers, while juggling the contents to be put inside in the other hand.

An award-winning wooden box

Logo German Packaging Award 2023

Our wooden folding box was awarded the German Packaging Award 2023 by the German Packaging Institute!

This collapsible box impresses, above all, by using wood as a renewable resource, the well-thought-out construction, and the aspect of long-term reusability.

…states the expert jury of the German Packaging Institute (DVI).

I’m packing my FridayBOX…

Whether the FridayBOX is carrying your groceries from the supermarket to your home, helping with your apartment move, or storing your books, this timeless, sturdy, and beautiful wooden folding box accompanies you in your daily life as a sustainable and reusable transportation and storage solution.

FridayBOX filled with fresh vegetables from the market
FridayBOX acting as a tool box
The stackable FridayBOX filled with bottles in a cargo bike
Linen and towels in the foldable wooden FridayBOX

The classic and robust foldable box – flexible and custom-made from natural material for:

  • shopping
  • returnable bottles and waste glass
  • everything that lies around in your camper van or trunk
  • tools and craft stuff
  • everything for your horse or dog
  • toys and teddy bears
  • or as present for friends or colleagues for christmas, their birthday or an anniversary

The BIG FridayBOX!

The big FridayBOX measures 40 x 60 x 24 cm on the outside. This is based on the industry and trade standard: Euro pallets, which measure 120 x 80 cm. Four large ones fit next to each other on one pallet. Also practical for everyday use: the foldable wooden crates are compatible with many systems, such as roller boards. The empty weight of our large folding box is approx. 3 kg and it has a volume of approx. 48 liters.

The big FridayBOX measures 40 x 60 x 24 cm and weighs about 3 kg.

More details can be found on material, technique und production.

The SMALL FridayBOX!

The dimensions of the small FridayBOX, 35 x 49 x 23 cm, are based on ergonomics, typical furniture dimensions and good use of raw materials. The empty weight of our small folding box is approx. 2.3 kg and it has a volume of approx. 32 liters. Even the small FridayBOX can carry more weight than most of us want to carry – so why don’t you turn it upside down and take a seat?

The small FridayBOX measures 35 x 49 x 23 cm and weighs about 2,3 kg.

But why FridayBOX?

Who doesn’t prefer to use the day before the weekend to tidy up at home or run errands? About Fridays we love the anticipation of what the weekend might bring be it meeting people, new projects and other diversions – whether indoors or outdoors.

We also think it’s great to shake up the world on Fridays instead of going to school! It’s fantastic what you have already achieved at your age!

The foldable shopping box FridayBOX in a shopping cart

Our contribution to the planet is smart products that leave as little trace as possible. Sustainability and fairness also mean that we don’t persuade anyone to consume excess: If you don’t need the FridayBOX, don’t buy it!

More about our robust foldable boxes

Here we introduce to you the Team behind FridayBOX – the inventor and founder, allies and fans. More about material, technique und production also some tips about how to use and take care of your FridayBOX. And even though our transport boxes are still quite young we already have some stories to share. Concerning the sustainability we offer help for repair and spare parts. We also offer customized foldable boxes in other sizes or with your logo!