The Team – we are FridayBOX

A project like this is nothing that you can do on your own, not even as a solopreneur. You need a Team! Concerning this some thoughts by Marie won me over. She writes this on her webseite:

“When talking about we/us here, this includes all the warm and active support that surrounds me. All these friends and supporters are not officially part of this organisation but no less important, though. Your help carries me through turbulent times. Your advice helps me when I’m in a quandary.”

hands of the team on a FridayBOX

FridayBOX – who comes up with something like that?

That would be Michael: “As a creative technician I started my working live with an apprenticeship as a photographer after having passed the abitur with advanced courses in mathematics and arts. Finishing that, now being a fully fledged photographer, I studied to become a packaging engineer and after a year as graduate engineer working in the confectionary industrie I changed jobs and worked in the automotive industry as a packaging planner. Since 2019 I now develop sustainable goods in my open prototype workshop in the Rheinland – not just packaging. This venture I named Innovation Engineer and the FridayBOX is the first result

I love trying out new stuff but cycling, fotos and singing in a choir are a constant in my life!”

Michael sits on a FridayBOX at the beach

The FridayBOX – a One-Man-Show?

The most important person on the team is my Lieblingsmensch (favorite person): always providing good feedback to crazy ideas and tricky questions. Especially invincible when it comes to research.

The SchreinerDesigner (carpenter & designer) with a fondness for wind & water sports – we know each other since we were teens. He is my back-up for all design issues in 3D and the creator of the fantastic line drawings.

The diverse Test-Crew, that lives and works with the FridayBox since October 2021 testing it thoroughly in all situations. And until now without any complaints, repair issues or malfunctions. This team provided me with lots of fotos of the FridayBOX in action: as convenient and sturdy foldable box in a cargo bike, as elegant wooden box filled with presents under christmas trees and as stackable box full of toys and craft stuff in children’s rooms or classrooms. In the meantime they all became fans of this foldable wooden box.

The perfect team of Varius Werkstätten (website) who has taken over the production of the wooden box.

Lea und Tamara, the founders of Bringsl don’t just deliver gourmet food in and around Cologne but also FridayBOXes to Germany and the world. Bringsl focuses on products of small manufactureres around Cologne. And as fantastic as the assortment is so is the Bringsl Team: always in a good mood, open flexible and straightforward!

Fans of the FridayBOX

My FridayBOX passes every test with flying colours – I think before that box is forced to it’s knees my back will. The only really sustainable folding box – until now.

Alexander Klarmann, folding wood since December 2021

Good evening to the team that showed and sold the brilliant, convenient, foldable wooden boxes at the Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg on Sunday.
Today I unfolded my two boxes and folded them back together. And the unfolding is even easier than folding it back together.

Margret from Hamburg, spotted us at the BesondersMarkt in March 2023